From Diversity to Uniformity: The Growing Intolerance in the Region and Why is Israel Important?

George Deek is an Attorney-at-Law, a veteran of the Israeli diplomatic corps, and currently a Fulbright scholar at Georgetown University.

George has served in a number of diplomatic positions in Israeli embassies around the world, including as Charge d'Affaires in Norway and Deputy Chief of Mission in Nigeria. Most recently he was responsible for the BOS file in the International Law department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem. George was awarded Israel's outstanding diplomat of 2014 by the MFA. 

George is a frequent public speaker and has shared his thoughts and personal story with students at universities and research institutes in many countries. 

George hails from an Arab-Christian family that has lived in Jaffa for over 400 years. From a young age, George was involved in the promotion of mutual understanding between Jews and Arabs in Israel. As part of that effort, he was the co-editor of the local newspaper "Yaffo Sheli/Yafati" ("My Jaffa" in Hebrew and Arabic, respectively). George also led the Arab-Christian community's youth movement in Jaffa and managed its musical school, where over 120 children and young adults received music lessons for free. 

In the fall of 2015, he began his Master's degree in International Law at Georgetown University at Washington D.C, as a Fulbright Scholar. Sponsored by the Dr. Harry W. Salon Foundation and the Community Relations Council Committee.

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Be Part Of Our Team As We Begin 7th Year

The Jewish community's Thoughtful Thursdays volunteers are beginning a 7th year helping the 72 children who attend Brightpoint Head Start at the Temple. Under the leadership of Jamie Berger, our team will assemble bags on the dates listed below. All are welcome to assist.

Dates for assembling bags: 
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